Trapping Myna Birds 

Here are a few hints and tips for trapping Myna Birds 

  • Indian Myna Birds are very cautious creatures. If you can see them, they can see you and won't enter so place your trap away from windows and out of sight.  
  • Place the trap in a relatively open area or where birds already feed, if possible.   
  • Bait the trap with a food the birds are accustomed to feeding on. Suburban feeding birds are used to pet food as many pet owners leave food out for their pets during the day. Using small dry dog and cat biscuits has been very successful as has VIP pet roll. Wet dog or cat food is not so nice in hot weather.  
  • Avoid using cereal and grain-based foods (birdseed and breadcrumbs etc) as this attracts non-target native birds.  
  • Put a little loose feed outside the entrances to attract mynas to the area.  
  • Monitor daily to ensure bait and water are available.  
  • Keep pets (particularly cats) away when trapping as the birds see cats and dogs as predators and are unlikely to approach the trap.  
  • Clean (hose down). Relocate trap after the area becomes soiled, as they don’t appear to like being around their own excrement.  
  • Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch birds every day. They are spasmodic in their movements, so keep at it. They may have moved to another food source in the area but will return if you keep feeding.  

Mirror Tower Trap with trapped Indian Mynas 

Mini Mirror Trap with trapped Mynas







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