Myna Birds Are A Pest

The  Common Myna is increasing it's range to the extent that in 2000 the IUCN Species Survival Commission  declared it among the World's 100 worst invasive species  . (Wikipedia)

Common Indian Mynas can be an economic problem because they damage fruit and grain crops and their noise and smell can be annoying where they are in large numbers. Mynas can also spread mites and they have the potential to spread disease to people and domestic animals. Mynas become quite fearless of people if they are not hassled and can be a problem in outdoor eating areas by stealing food off people’s plates. There are a few records of mynas attacking people, but this is not common.  

Mynas reduce biodiversity by fighting for hollows with native birds like Rosellas and Lorikeets, destroying their eggs and chicks and stopping them from breeding. Indian Mynas are capable of evicting even larger birds such as Kookaburras and Dollar Birds from their nests. They also evict small mammals, like Sugar Gliders from hollows – which commonly means a death sentence for the Gliders because they have nowhere else to go. It is not uncommon for groups of mynas to mob other birds and mammals like possums. They are a menace to all our native wildlife. 





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