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Myna Birds have become one of the major threats to our native bird life and you can take action to help safe our native birds from the
"Rats of the Sky"


The Mirror Tower Trap

The Mirror Tower Trap is designed to catch between 1 and 10 birds at a time. The current record is 12. The trap is constructed of heavy duty galvanised wire and stands about 60cms tall. It should last a life time.

  • The trap does not injure the birds 
  • Is delivered to your door anywhere in Australia 
  • No assembly required 
  • The trap is very good value - you can pay over $300 for similar size traps 


The birds are lured into the bottom cage by food and their mirrored reflection. Once inside, their natural instinct is to head upwards. They climb through the adjoining vent and end up settling in the holding cage.




Mirror Tower Trap Myna bird cage.


Tower Trap $98
+ 19.90 delivered Australia wide

 The Mini Mirror Trap

The mini mirror trap is great if you just have small groups or pairs of birds in your area. If the myna's are landing in larger numbers then the Tower trap is more effective.

The mini mirror trap is easy to use, works very efficiently, and is one of the cheapest traps around. The trap will normally catch between 1 to 4 birds at a time.

There are no moving parts in the trap. It consists of a cage which is 35cm x 35cm x 25cm, a mirror, a bird entry, and a flap to allow access into the cage.

Food and water are placed into the cage. The birds are attracted to the food but, the main reason they enter is because they are tricked into thinking other birds are already in there.



 Mini Mirror Trap for Indian Myna

Mini Mirror Trap $65
+$19.90 delivered Australia wide









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Mini Trap $65
+ $19.90 delivery Australia wide.





Tower Trap $98
+ $19.90 delivery Australia wide.